Help charities that impact our world!

Charities are in need of all types of help.

Any spiritual gift or talent can find a place of involvement.

I know of soup kitchen workers who have found purpose and meaning in their Christian life by finding a place to serve, but work in any non-profit or serving ministry is usually an experience in which the person receives from God as much or more blessings than they could envision giving to others.

Your denomination might have some training and opportunities to be involved in this type of ministry effort.

The good news is that many in your area are already making a positive impact in your community through charities.

Your Godly influence will be a lift to them.

They’ll see that Christ is the source of your care for the world and be impacted by Christ.

It’s also a good way for others in the community to learn about your church.

What’s your passion?  What speaks to your heart about the needs in today’s world?  Do you have friends who have found places of meaningful service?  Jump in and find a place to serve.