Shepherd’s Fold has a wealth of podcasts available to you.  The majority of podcasts are from the “Encouragement Podcast Series” – roughly 10 minute-long episodes of encouragement for ministers.  Most Encouragement Podcast episodes are interviews with people who care about ministers.  A few episodes are stories such as the ones from Scott Daniels and the late Bob Benson.  Still others are “weekend reviews” summarizing highlights of interviews from a particular week of recordings.  

Below you’ll find this month’s featured episodes as well as the entire library of podcasts from Shepherd’s Fold.  

Most listened to episodes include interviews with Bob Russell, Jim Diehl, and the late Stuart Briscoe (parts A & B).  Throughout our library you’ll also find 2021 interviews with people associated with the 2023 Asbury Outpouring including Sandra Gray, Timothy Tennent, Robert Coleman, JD Walt (parts A & B), David Thomas (parts A & B), Dan Wilt (parts A & B), Mark Benjamin (parts A & B), and more.  

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This Month's Featured Episodes

Full Library of Podcasts: