Chaplain Crisis Response

Natural or man-made. Local or nation-wide. The impact of a crisis is devastating. Get training and be ready to bring God’s love to impacted by

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Prayer Group Leader

Your denomination might have some training and opportunities to be involved in this type of ministry effort.  Beyond your denomination’s training and opportunities, below are

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Chaplain @ Prison

Chaplain at Prison: The prison environment often produces situations that increase a person’s receptivity to hear the Gospel, both for those incarcerated and those working

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Chaplain @ Hospital

Chaplain at a hospital: Being a chaplain is a natural fit for individuals who are caring. Many are facing situations that cause them to be

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Charities are in need of all types of help. Any spiritual gift or talent can find a place of involvement. I know of soup kitchen

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Retreats in person

A lot of spiritual ground can be covered in a retreat setting as people get away from their routines and find the opportunity to listen

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