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Our History

Ministering to Ministers

Since 1999, Shepherd’s Fold Ministries has encouraged ministers of all denominations of the Christian faith. From 1999 to 2013 Shepherd’s Fold was led by Gene and Joyce Williams. After Gene’s death in 2013, Brent Van Hook became the director and continues to lead Shepherd’s Fold today. Joyce Williams continues to stay involved as a board member for Shepherd’s Fold and she is available as a speaker for your ministry event.

The purpose of Shepherd’s Fold is to care for ministers. Ministers are often the ones caring for others, and Shepherd’s Fold seeks to bring care to these care-givers – to “fold” them into God’s love.

From 1999-2017 Shepherd’s Fold offered a “Day of Renewal” to all ministers and their spouses. Nothing was sold to ministers, no training was involved, it was simply encouragement. A special speaker was brought in for encouragement such as H.B. LondonThom RainerBob RussellStan TolerRobert Coleman, and Jeff Walling. Worship was provided and prayer support offered. Outback Steakhouse offered a free steak dinner at the end of the day to all who attended. Ministers walked away with a resource packet. As many as 400 ministers attended these events which were held annually in Wichita, Kansas during October which is Pastor Appreciation Month. 

In 2018 Shepherd’s Fold Ministries moved to Nashville, Tennessee and continues its tradition of ministering to ministers with current ministry events and resources. Shepherd’s Fold’s specialty has become long-term well-being for all ministers including pastors, staff, missionaries, authors, educators, and chaplains.  

In 2019 Shepherd’s Fold commissioned the first ever multi-denominational research project of retired ministers.  2,451 retired ministers from 12 denominations participated in this study that measured well-being related to a retired minister’s physical, social, spiritual, and financial health.  

Based on this research, Shepherd’s Fold now offers a membership for active and retired ministers.  This membership addresses the most crucial areas of importance to a minister’s well-being.  Click here to learn more about this research-based membership for ministers.  

Shepherd’s Fold is blessed to be endorsed by several top leaders in the ministry today.