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An Ever-Growing Library of Research-Based ResourcesHELPIng ministers STEP UP TO experience purposeFUL RETIREMENT AGE

Membership: for Retirement-Age Ministers And Ministers Transitioning to Retirement Age.

Shepherd’s Fold is the leader in resourcing ministers for meaningful retirement age.  Whether you’re transitioning to or experiencing retirement age, Shepherd’s Fold has an ever-growing wealth of resources.  Far from arbitrary, these resources are based on our ground-breaking research project studying retired ministers across denominations.  

Resources are in place to help your social, spiritual, physical, and financial health.  

In addition to helping you smile through the sharing of “holy humor” funny ministry experiences and monthly give-aways, Membership includes:


Areas for Personal Growth such as:

  • The 40 page “Legacy Organizer”.  Chronicle your spiritual legacy and get your house in order through this 40 page guide.  A $30 value. 
  • The “6-skill New Tool Kit” curriculum outlining 6 skills that directly address the top 9 important issues related to your long-term well-being.
  • And more …
group of business folk / all networking together / to generate cash

Interacting with others including:

  • “Navigating Retirement Years” section where you submit ideas that helped you face your retirement years and read the recommendations of others.
  • Wisdom-to-Share” section where you share your ministry lessons and wisdom with new ministers.
  • And more…

Information, Information, Information including:

  • A long list of trusted websites with articles and insights about issues ministers face in retirement years.
  • Access to the results of the 2019 Shepherd’s Fold Well-Being Research Project of Retired Ministers.  Led by the research experts at Lifeway Research, over 2,450 retired ministers were surveyed to find the most important issues related to well-being.  Over 400 pages of results are available for you. 
  • And more…

2019 Well-Being study commissioned by Shepherd’s Fold Ministries

Click here for a 5 page summary report from the 2019 Well-Being study commissioned by Shepherd’s Fold Ministries.  For the first time ever, over 2,400 retired ministers from a dozen denominations were surveyed.  Results found the best ways to experience well-being in retirement years.

Membership level offers access to the results from the 2019 Retired Ministers Well-Being survey.  You’ll also have access to the survey itself.


Click here for the table of contents for one of the very best “Legacy Organizer” workbooks available today.  Follow this workbook to leave a purposeful Christian legacy, to have your household in order, and to find a sense of Christian legacy building in what you do.  This workbook is valuable to any age and can also be used for family members.  

Membership level offers access to the entire workbook!  This workbook sells for up to $30 on online shopping stores, but you receive a free, complimentary download with your membership!

Curriculum is provided with you in mind!

Taking into account the research project, we developed a 6-skill “New Tool Kit” to help you experience high well-being in retirement years and before!  

address important issues

We provide a collection of websites that link you to valuable material.