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The membership level of Shepherd’s Fold Ministries offers an ever-expanding library of resources for you.  We have developed and collected the resources that best match the most impactful issues related to a minister’s well-being, especially related to transitioning to retirement years.  See below for some of the resources offered in Membership.

The cost for access to ALL this material is only $15/year/individual or $75/year/local church!

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Click here for a 5 page summary report from the 2019 Well-Being study commissioned by Shepherd’s Fold Ministries.  For the first time ever, over 2,400 retired ministers from a dozen denominations were surveyed.  Results found the best ways to experience well-being in retirement years.

Membership level offers access to the results from the 2019 Retired Ministers Well-Being survey.  You’ll also have access to the survey itself.

Click here for the table of contents for one of the very best “Legacy Organizer” workbooks available today.  Follow this workbook to leave a purposeful Christian legacy, to have your household in order, and to find a sense of Christian legacy building in what you do.  This workbook is valuable to any age and can also be used for family members.  

Membership level offers access to the entire workbook!  This workbook sells for up to $30 on online shopping stores, but you receive a freecomplimentary download with your membership!

Curriculum is provided with you in mind!  Taking into account the research project, we developed a 6-skill “New Tool Kit” to help you experience high well-being in retirement years and before!  

“‘God As Your Provider” devotional.   This devotional addresses the most impactful areas of living that increase the well-being of ministers as determined by our research.  This devotion is so helpful that several denominations offer financial incentives through a Lilly Foundation grant for people to complete this program!  Set your own goals.  Give about 90 minutes to each of the 6 sessions and come away inspired! 

In Membership level you can begin this study immediately on your own.  Beginning  February 1, 2020 we will offer “God As Your Provider” as a small group devotional option in which individuals across the nation participate and journal their spiritual insights and thanksgivings.

Trusted Websites.

We provide a collection of websites that link you to valuable material.  Join today and all these connections are at your fingertips!

Membership level offers links to websites that address important issues related to your well-being.