What if we leaned into relationship with Christ and others such that these days, as difficult as they seem, become some of the “glory years” of our spiritual lives as God transforms us?

Today’s SPECIAL EDITION “Encouragement Podcast” offers the insightful closing illustration of a sermon by Scott Daniels delivered Feb.7, 2021.

Click here for the Youtube version of the entire sermon.

Click here for the audio podcast version of the entire sermon.

Ministers, we weren’t just freed from a life of apart from God, we are also freed FOR a life of service for Him. God specializes in giving a future to those who seem to have a closed future.

Listen as Scott’s illustration of the feisty 90 year old widow offers hope that all of us living through today’s various new developments could one day be some of the “glory days” in our Christian experience if we “use” a current crisis to lean more into our relationship to God and His people and therefore be transformed unlike ever before.

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