Teacher at a Christian School

Teach in a Christian Environment

Obviously a Christian witness is possible in all educational environments including home schooling, public schooling, and more.  For preaching ministers (and the like) transitioning to an educational expression of your ministry, a Christian school might offer opportunities to teach in areas of expertise such as Bible classes, etc.

Many Christian schools offer the opportunity to teach.

Christian schools exist from preschool through graduate studies!

What are your favorite academic subjects?  It’s possible a Christian school will offer classes in subjects (such as Bible or Christian Living) that relate well to your training.  If you’re an ordained minister it’s possible that classes exist in your area of expertise and experience.

What is your favorite age range and academic level to teach?  What would it mean to get certified to teach at that level?

Perhaps start by being a substitute teacher

If you’re looking for the chance to allow your lifestyle and teaching to impact people in a way that is affirmed in a Christian environment, teaching at a Christian school is worth your consideration.

Follow local and state teaching guidelines and make yourself available to Christian schools.