Holy Land Trip Recruiter

Work with a Holy Land tour company and recruit a group to visit the Holy Land!

This is hard work but rewarding.  You’ll work with an agency to set up trips to the Holy Land.  You’ll recruit and make sure people are ready for the trip.  Go the extra mile and provide some meaningful curriculum ahead of time for the trip!

Most Holy Land trip organizations offer benefits to those who recruit a group of people for a trip.  These benefits can include a free trip for you and possibly others or in some cases cash.  It’s possible you could lead a trip and earn a little money.  However, it’s hard work and takes a “follow through” attitude, but the results include making memories that impact a person’s spiritual journey forever!

Working with a quality company means you’ll have all the plans set up for you in the Holy Land including hotels, tour guides, transportation, meals, and more.

There are many high quality Holy Land tour organizations.

Shepherd’s Fold has personal experience and highly recommends the company “Foundations of Faith“.

Many great sources of curriculum exist including videos from Right Now Media.