Ghost Writing

Extend the reach of your God's message

With good writing skills you could help put into print form the content of Christ and His Kingdom!

Researchers say that spoken communication differs from written communication.  Preachers, speakers, and teachers aren’t necessarily great writers.  However, with a friend who could take their content and put it in written form, their ministry reach could broaden!

Ghostwriting gives you the opportunity to come alongside a Christian preacher, teacher, missionary, or story-teller and put into written form their sermons, experiences, and stories, and see more people experience reached.

Here are a few websites that can help you prepare to contribute to sharing the Gospel through written form.

Ghost Writer Training.  Courses, online classes, and video sessions.

Certified Ghost Writing.  Learn through an entire program to help you gain skills in ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.  The only academically sponsored ghostwriting program available.  Through Cal Sate University Long Beach.

Writer’s Digest University.  “Ghostwriting 101” course.