English as a Second Language teacher (ESL)

Reach people near and far through teaching basic English skills

Consider how you might like to be involved in a ministry like this.

“English as a Second Language” teachers have the ability, after proper training, to teach people both within the United States (perhaps in your current city!) and/or as part of missionary efforts to foreign countries.

In some cases, especially working alongside a church or missionary organization, official ESL training isn’t always necessary.  However, some situations do require certification.  Within the United States ESL teaching training can vary by state.  There are many websites that offer training.  A quick web search will provide many potential training opportunities.  Perhaps the most well known training website is ESLteacherEDU.org

Also below are listed websites that link you to ministries opportunities.

Explore the possibility of spreading the Gospel as an ESL teacher.

Send Relief ESL information for missions this website provides many free resources

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