Webinar: Godly Impact

  View the June 25, 2020 webinar featuring teaching by Brent Van Hook and music by Michael O’Brien.  

  Learn ways your life can make a Godly Impact including the new webpage of “ministry opportunities” available to all believers! 

  If you’d like the printed materials that accompany the webinar, register below and use the coupon code “half” to receive half price.  Your materials will be mailed to you.  You also have access right now through the buttons below to the electronic versions of the materials.  

  The webinar is open to all believers!  You may receive continuing education credit by emailing Shepherd’s Fold Ministries at brent@shepherdsfoldministries.com.


Once registered, your printed materials will be mailed to you. 

Use the coupon code “half” to receive half off the original registration cost.  

Godly Impact Webinar Registration

Registration Fee: $20.00



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