Ministry in Retirement

       Shepherd’s Fold is the leader in transitioning ministers to purposeful “ministry in retirement”.  A summary of our groundbreaking 2019 study can be found here.  This study surveyed nearly 2,500 retired ministers across a dozen denominations and found the most important issues helping minsters transition to “ministry in retirement”.  Shepherd’s Fold is also developing and collecting the most relevant resources to help you.  Whatever your age, you’ll benefit greatly from these resources.  

"Research Summary"


Valentine’s Day

      Shepherd’s Fold hosts an annual Valentine’s Day dinner for widows of ministers.  One participant said, “if I wasn’t here I’d be at home alone tonight.”  To nominate a widow of a minister and to read the article about the very first Valentine’s Day banquet, click here.    

"Valentine's Day"

Nominate a widow of a minister for this banquet (held in Nashville, TN) and  learn more.

Retreat Centers

      Many retreat centers and vacation spots offer discounted rates or other special provisions for ministers.  For the most current and comprehensive list of retreat centers and vacation spots that offer quality settings for a time of refreshing for ministers, click here.     

"Retreat Centers"

Click below to see a list of retreat centers  and vacation spots throughout the United States that offer ideal retreat settings for ministers.


      Shepherd’s Fold offers a membership level that connects you to specially designed resources to help you.  And it’s fun!  From give-aways to group devotionals to downloadable resources to so much more, learn about membership by clicking here. 

For example, there are almost 200 websites that link to helpful resources for your finances.  One example is the following video although our list includes articles and websites andmore.  There are over 190 weblinks covering 33 categories in the Membership Content section.  



Learn about specially selected resources for you!  Membership is $12/year.