Dear Young Ministers, Retired Ministers Have a Message for You:  Don’t Burn Out!

– a pilot program to increase long-term well-being for young ministers –

Ministers:  Join a pilot program to increase your long-term well-being.  Based on the most comprehensive study ever conducted of retirement age ministers, this program teaches the 3 most influential predictors of long-term well-being.  This program gives you simple exercises, readings, and inspiration to set a trajectory of long-term service to the Kingdom. This program is sponsored by Shepherd’s Fold Ministries.  There is no cost to participate.  This program is open to ministers from any denomination or independent church of the Christian faith.  Whatever your role of ministry whether pastor, staff, seminary or Bible College student, we want your input!  

Topic 2

Confidence in Finances Approaching Retirement Years

Topic 3

Satisfaction of Ministry Efforts: Sabbaths