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Ministering to Ministers

Since 1999 Shepherd’s Fold Ministries has encouraged ministers of all denominations.  Today Shepherd’s Fold offers creative and relevant ways to bless, encourage, and strengthen the lives of ministers.  

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History of Encouraging Ministers

Click here to learn about the history of Shepherd’s Fold Ministries including the Days of Renewal and more.

Today's Resources for You

Shepherd’s Fold offers a variety of free, practical resources and events for ministers.  Click here or scroll down on this page to see some of the highlights!

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Ministry in Retirement

       Shepherd’s Fold is the leader in transitioning ministers to purposeful “ministry in retirement”.  A summary of our groundbreaking 2019 study can be found here.  This study surveyed nearly 2,500 retired ministers across a dozen denominations and found the most important issues helping minsters transition to “ministry in retirement”.  Shepherd’s Fold is also developing and collecting the most relevant resources to help you.  Whatever your age, you’ll benefit greatly from these resources.  

"Research Summary"


Valentine’s Day

      Shepherd’s Fold hosts an annual Valentine’s Day dinner for widows of ministers.  One participant said, “if I wasn’t here I’d be at home alone tonight.”  To nominate a widow of a minister and to read the article about the very first Valentine’s Day banquet, click here.

"Valentine's Day"

Nominate a widow of a minister for this banquet (held in Nashville, TN) and  learn more by clicking the button below.

Retreat Centers

      Many retreat centers and vacation spots offer discounted rates or other special provisions for ministers.  For the most current and comprehensive list of retreat centers and vacation spots that offer quality settings for a time of refreshing for ministers, click here.     

"Retreat Centers"

Click below to see a list of retreat centers  and vacation spots throughout the United States that offer ideal retreat settings for ministers.


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"Brent Van Hook and I became friends more than a decade ago. Over the past ten years we’ve visited in each other’s homes and shared speaking platforms through the Shepherd's Fold Ministry.  Brent is devoted to the Lord’s kingdom and has a heart for retired preachers. He also possesses the creative gifts necessary to be a most effective leader for this much-needed ministry."
Bob Russell

Former Lead Pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

"To speak of Brent Van Hook is to speak about integrity, authenticity, excellence, and kinship. He is a committed disciple who loves people, longs for their wholeness in Christ and tireless in his work for the Kingdom."
Al Gwinn

Bishop (retired), United Methodist Church

"Brent Van Hook has been my dear friend and chief encourager for nearly 20 years and I can say with full conviction--God created him with the ministry of Shepherd's Fold in mind. Brent is a passionate pastoral leader with a vision for caring for those who have poured out their lives for others on a daily basis for decades. Ministry to retiring ministers is a great need and I am excited that Brent and Shepherd's Fold are stepping into this much needed resource gap!  I know that God has big things planned for Shepherd's Fold and Retiring Ministers!"

Bryan Collier

Lead Pastor, The Orchard, Tupelo, MS

"I am grateful that God is raising up a leader to care for our retiring ministers. Brent Van Hook has the heart, the skills, and the passion for these great servants of God. I rejoice in commending him to you."

Dan Boone

President, Trevecca Nazarene University

"Partnering with Brent in ministry has been a joy. Brent is passionate about serving pastors and making healthy servants and followers of Christ. I lean on Brent for his wisdom and insight when times get tough. I have used his teaching to help other pastors on topics of sabbatical and rest. I trust Brent Van Hook with my life."

Brock Gill

Evangelist / Illusionist / Author

"The role of pastor is biblical and essential to Christianity. God calls people to be pastors, serving the church and the world. This role is challenging on so many levels, yet God sustains and provides. He often does so through people like Dr. Brent Van Hook and Shepherd's Fold Ministry. Brent and Shepherd's Fold is a means of grace to a group of people who serve selflessly in our world."

Dwight Gunter

District Superintendent, MidSouth Nazarene District

"Leaders like Dr. Brent Van Hook are to be cherished! He embodies the mission of Shepard’s Fold Ministry and his positional leadership is perfectly aligned with his passion; as a provider of encouragement and inspiration to pastors of all Christian churches. While there is no expiration date on encouragement there is a timeliness to when it will have the greatest impact on those in need of it. Shepard’s Fold Ministry seems to come along at just the right time for pastors in need of a safe place, a loving embrace and new confidence to fulfill their calling."

Terry Toler

Vice President of Church Relations, Southern Nazarene University