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Since 1999 Shepherd’s Fold Ministries has encouraged ministers of all denominations.  Today Shepherd’s Fold offers creative and relevant ways to bless, encourage, and strengthen the lives of ministers.  

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Since 1999 Shepherd’s Fold has encouraged ministers of all denominations of the Christian faith.  Click here to learn more. 


Today Shepherd’s Fold is a leader in research regarding the long-term well-being of ministers.  Click here and here for recent national press releases.  


Active ministers work at their highest potential, and 

Retired ministers feel connected and continue their ministry efforts

when healthy in the areas of:

  • True Friendships
  • Spiritual Vibrancy
  • Physical Health
  • Financial Well-Being

Membership in Shepherd’s Fold is the perfect gift to any minister.  An ever-growing library of material can guide a minister to health in the areas identified through our national research project to increase their well-being.  


Retreat Centers

      Many retreat centers and vacation spots offer discounted rates for ministers.  For an updated list of vacation spots that offer quality settings for a time of renewing for ministers, click the button on the right.

Retreat Centers

Click below to see a list of retreat centers / vacation spots.


      Shepherd’s Fold offers Membership connecting ministers to resources to help your long-term well-being.  And it’s fun!  From give-aways to group devotionals to downloadable resources to so much more, learn about membership by clicking the button to the right.       


Learn about research-based resources for ministers! 


Shepherd’s Fold Ministries is endorsed by many great Christian leaders.